Reclaimed Wood Bridge

Outdoor Projects

Year: 2018
Location: Hudson Valley
     The slopes and deck of this bridge are integrated in to the three supporting beams making this a solid and continuous span.  The connecting beams fasten to the 4.5″ main  beams with 6″ lag screws.  These beams were made by cladding 16′ 2×6’s with additional reclaimed 2×6’s on either side.  Since the reclaimed beams were not 16′ long they were staggered in length and placement then braced at key points with 5/8″ thick bolts to simulate single 4.5″ x 6″ beams.

     The decking was made double thick.  The first layer connecting horizontally and the second layer laid at a 45 diagonal tying everything together securely and completing a 3″ thick deck.  No nails were used anywhere, only 2.5″ decking screws.  To finalize the bridge to ‘cement’ strength, premium construction adhesive was lathered anywhere two pieces of wood met. 

     6′ wide and solid enough to suspend my Grand Cherokee with ease this bridge will stand rigid and safe for decades to come.