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  • Snake Enclosure

    This is the sister enclosure to the Alligator Snapping Turtle tank.  I was contracted to build a floor-to-ceiling home for various snakes which would occupy the corner in the laboratory opposing the turtle tank.  The goal was to have oversized viewing windows, adequate ventilation, a cabinet structure underneath and doors which make tank and snake service a breeze.  This entire project went from design to finished product, including materials purchase, in five days.

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  • Sword Rack

    This simple 6-tiered sword rack makes an excellent accent piece on any wall.  Made from plywood and home-milled pine this Japanese inspired piece feels at home anywhere it’s kept.

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  • Archway

    This archway was built as part of a full basement renovation that involved patching, painting, lighting upgrades, several repairs and a few other custom installations. A non-load bearing wall was broken through and re-framed to create the desired opening.  An approximate radius was built into the upper corners of the opening from 2×4 chunks and sheet stock.  Then sheetrock was applied to all surfaces of the wooden sub structure.  Corner beading was applied, plaster to perfection, then paint.

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  • 168 Gallon Aquarium

    This 168 gallon aquarium was custom designed and built from the ground up.  It was made to have a pentagon footprint to neatly fill out its corner and have a gently sloping curved face to make servicing easier.  I built the supporting cabinet to be super-duty, capable of easily supporting over ten tons of weight.  There is an electrical outlet as a feature of the cabinet, a 2 inch drain that evacuates the water in seconds and two storage shelves.  This aquarium cost just over $3500 for all materials.

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  • Specialty Installations

    Say you keep looking in that corner of your home or your office and you can’t stop thinking about the piece that belongs there.  You know you need something, but you can’t buy it and you know custom work is expensive.  I can build what you need in that space and it won’t break the bank.  Helping someone bring their imagination to life is something I love to do and I believe in making it affordable for my clients.

    A Specialty Installation is a non-standard furnishing, fixture or other focused project.  I have the knowledge to incorporate many mediums; allowing us to build from exquisite wood pieces, metal, electronics and dozens of other features.  It may be far more affordable than you realize to have exactly what you need built.  Work out the essentials and give me a call to discuss your ideas.  See a few of the other special ordered projects I’ve done here.


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